Society of Robotic Surgery

SRS 2017 Annual Meeting
February 23 - 26, 2015
Miami, FL
Call for Abstracts

Opens: July 11, 2016 • Closes: October 4, 2016 12:00 Noon
Timezone: Central Time (US & Canada)

Submission Information:

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  • If you are a member of SRS or have an abstract submission account for the current or any previous years please login. Note: SRS Members can sign in using your SRS Member Dues Login, if you do not know it, you can use the forgot password link on the login page to request it.)
  • If you are not a member of SRS, or do not already have an abstract submission account (for the current or any previous years ) click the link above to "Register a new Account".  Note: SRS Members can sign in using your SRS Member Dues Login, if you do not know it, you can use the forgot password link on the login page to request it.)
  • Once signed in, from the main account page, you will need to either click the name of an already existing abstract presenting author you have submitted an abstract for, or click the link to submit an abstract from a new presenter not listed in order to proceed with submitting an abstract.
  • Important: The ACCME has implemented a regulation for abstract submissions. In addition to the presenter, it is now required that all authors must disclose any affiliations or conflicts by completing a “Speaker and Planner Disclosure Form” in order for the abstract to be eligible for consideration as part of this year’s program. Given the new requirement, individuals submitting an abstract must now include all abstract author email addresses. After the abstract is successfully submitted, an email will go out to each author requesting their disclosure for the abstract. Please ensure all authors are aware of this requirement. An abstract will not be considered unless the completed disclosure form is received from each author.
  • You will need to indicate the following information available during the submission process:
    • The title of the Abstract with a maximum length of 200 Characters, which includes spaces.
    • The topic to be chosen from a list of topics.
    • You will need to enter the body text of your abstract directly into the provided text box. A maximum character count of 1825 characters, which includes spaces, is allowed.
    • If you are uploading an optional figure/table/illustration image that would be appended to the end of your abstract text, the maximum character count is 1500, which includes spaces.
      • The maximum dimensions of your figure/illustration image is a width of 545 pixels and a height of 450 pixels.
      • Images that are found to have larger dimensions than allowed will automatically be resized to comply with those specifications.
      • Allowed image formats to upload are as follows: jpeg, jpg, gif, bmp; however, images are converted to jpeg during the submission process for consistent use with the webpages and embedding into the abstract document.
    • Be cautious of using special symbols or characters when entering your data.
    • The name, address, phone and email of the Presenting author.
    • The Educational Background and Current Position of the Presenting Author.
    • The name(s) and email of all authors who are not presenting.
  • The text of the abstract should include the abstract title in all caps, the names of the authors and their affiliation, city, and state, followed by the body of the abstract.
    • When preparing your abstract prior to making your submission please follow these guidelines:
    • All text and any graphics should fit onto a single 8 1/2 x 11 page.
    • Set all margins at 2 inches.
    • Line spacing should be single space.
    • The font should be 11pt. Times New Roman.
    • Author forenames/surnames should be explicit.
    • The abstract should include author centre and specialty, background, goal, methods and results and conclusion. No references, and max. one figure
    • Any tables should be simple and in image format complying within the specifications listed above. When creating your table, keep in mind that carriage returns should not be used within cells.

    It is strongly recommended that figures should not be supplied.

    If figures are necessary, they should be of high quality ready for print reproduction, and lettering/symbols/lines should be clear and distinct as they will be reduced to one column width for publication, and there will not be sufficient time to revise them. All figures should be Black and White only, and should be at least 300 dpi.

    If you need to resize your image to comply with the above, be sure to crop any excess whitespace from your image before resizing.

    Take care not to use I (cap i) or l (ell) for 1 (one), O (capital o) for 0 (zero) or ß (German eszett) for (beta).

    If references are essential, they should be within the text, in the form: (Smith et al. Eur J Anaesth 1998; 15: 100-1).

    1. From the account page, click the name of a presenter that already exists to use that same presenter, or click on the link to submit a video for a new presenter not listed.
    2. Fill out all the required information and complete your submission.
    3. After your submission is complete you will be given a reference number to be used with the physical submission of your video to the SRS Office.
    4. The video/movie should be in DVD format.
    5. The length of the video/movie should be a maximum of 7 minutes.
    6. You must forward 2 copies of your video/movie in DVD Format to the SRS Office by Submission Deadline above.
    7. Send copies to:
      Attn: SRS Video Submission
      1100 E. Woodfield Road, Suite 350
      Schaumburg, IL 60173
    8. Label Each copy with your name and the title of the video/movie and submission reference number.
    9. Please note that copies of your video will not be returned, and if accepted for presentation, you will need to bring your own copy to the meeting for presentation.